H20 Treatment

IQ ECA generated solutions is one of the few genuinely environmentally friendly solutions for the replacement of Chlorine as a treatment of water to international WHO potable levels.

A major benefit of Anolyte (the IQ ECA generated product) is the improved residual effect of the product. It does not just purify water at one single point like Ozone and UV technologies, but has a continuous or residual effect like Chlorine without the harmful side effects of Chlorine.

We manufacture Rural Disinfection Systems to treat water ranging from 10 m3/H and up to 6000 m3/H.  We treat water if it is a reservoir/tank or flowing through the system.

Our solution is especially cost effective for remote third world areas where water sterilisation is paramount. We are all aware of the critical need to supply clean drinking water to poor remote rural areas. IQ ECA Technologies provides such a solution.
Apart from drinking water treatment the IQ ECA solution deals with other water treatment needs such as the sterilisation of water that is used as an ingredient in production of food and drink products, as well as the water supplied to all animal species.