By the world’s leading manufacturer in ECA Technologies, namely Envirolyte. The Envirolyte systems have been globally accepted as market leaders in this technology.

The devices have:

  • been developed to automatically produce activated solutions of different types and strengths
  • They perform as a stand-alone unit or can easily be implemented in a continuous process
  • A self-cleaning cycle has been programmed into all machines which ensures easy maintenance, maximum productivity and long lifetime without maintenance
  • The unique design of the central cell ensures that electrolyte used to produce activated solutions has maximum contact with the electrodes and therefore ensures the most effective use of energy and minimum waste of raw materials
  • The control system is simple to operate and can be altered for different applications and conditions

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The cell is accepted as market leader for the following reasons:

  • They can manufacture from 100 – 6000 ppm of FAC (Free Available Chlorine) from 1 cell
  • One cell can manufacture from 20 liters p/hour of product to over 600 liters p/hour
  • The cell lasts 5-7 years before a service or replacement is needed
  • Only one positive and negative connection p/cell (no multiple connections)
  • Longer exposure of product to the anode and cathode due to patented design