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    Welcome to IQ ECA Technologies (PTY) LTD


    IQ ECA Technologies is a leading provider of Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) technologies and systems. This is the “Intellectually Protected” combination of electricity, water and salt to produce a completely environmentally friendly product that can be used as a biosecurity solution across a broad range of industries.

    We are a South African established company formed in 2013 by IQ Green Solutions (Pty) Ltd, the leading company in the Electro Chemical Activation industry. Our staff has over 50 years of combined resource experience and is company that has invested in the research of Dr Gilbert Hinze and his many very specialized ECA applications.

    IQ ECA Technologies was formed to give industries the best of the best ECA solutions possible, where IQ Green Solutions focuses on research and development of the technology and applications. We found that the leasing and selling of ECA devices is the key to success. IQ ECA Technologies is growing fast nationally and internationally with clients in Africa and China. We truly believe we have the best to offer with our service and ECA intellectual support, the pillars of our success.

    We take our clients very serious, that’s why we are so different in comparison to our competitors, as we are the only ECA Company with a professional team of Doctors, Veterinarians, Micro Biologists, Chemical engineers, Registered Pharmacist and other specialists.

    We are able to give you solutions for all your areas of concern, whether it’s livestock, fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish farming, CIP (cleaning in process) management, food preparing, hospitality, plastic industries, hospitals or any other industry, we will have the right answer.

    We give you 24/7 support with our own technicians and engineers. We are the only ECA Company that store parts and has swop out machines to secure your continuous production of our 100% green products.  

    Clients are always welcome in our offices and production facilities. We do demo’s , supply you with samples of our products and we are happy to do trials.

    Don’t take any chances with other companies. Go with the biggest and the most professional in the field of ECA and this technology.