Horticulture Applications


Specific Anolytes can be produced using different salts in the brine solution and this is the case when propagating plants.

One of the specific Anolytes can also be used in closed environments such as greenhouses to enrich the growth environment with Bicarbonate thereby allowing plants to photosynthesis more efficiently due to increased availability of CO2.

With the ever increasing misuse of man-made toxic chemicals that pollute the atmosphere, soil and water supplies, the only viable alternative to some of these products is the use of Anolyte and Catholyte solutions to achieve better results without the associated hazards. IQ ECA Technologies’ Anolyte overcomes health, safety and environmental pollution concerns that are associated with traditional chemical biocides.

Anolyte is generally dosed at very low concentrations into the water systems can be applied via misting the growth environment or directly into the irrigation system.

Anolyte can:

  • Replace various chemicals used to treat for specific pathogens (e.g. Botrytis)
  • Be used for disease prevention
  • Disinfect air and growth environment by fogging it inside the greenhouse

Since no man-made chemical compounds are involved, the ECA-generated biocides are safe for plants, humans and the environment, with the Anolyte solutions reverting back into their natural state of salt water. Anolyte contains compounds and elements that are 100% environmentally friendly, nontoxic and biodegradable.

In general the system can be used for:

  • Biofilm removal
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance of water systems, wet wall and surfaces.
  • Prevention of clogged of irrigation nozzles
  • Bedding plants and seeding place disinfection
  • Disinfection of personnel hand and foot bath
  • Sanitised and decontaminate products inside the growth environment
  • Pack house and chiller hygiene – shelf life extension.
  • Pack house misting
  • Product wash
  • Preparation of seeds prior to sowing

Anolyte was used as an alternative disinfectant to treat barley seeds before planting.

The following observations were made about Anolyte-treated Barley Seed:

  • They gave earlier growth.
  • They showed better resistance to smut, weeds and parasites.
  • Plants were thicker and longer.
  • Roots were healthier and free from smut and mould.

In this particular test, the Control & Test Fields were analysed using standard procedures prior to harvesting. It found that the use of Anolyte resulted in the following documented increase and quality of production versus the traditional use of chemicals:

  • 28% greater length of plants.
  • 25% greater thickness of plants.
  • 26% greater bushy coefficient.
  • 20% greater length of head.
  • 27% increase in number of grains per head.
  • 72% greater yield in harvest.

Further studies showed that:

  • The treatment of rice seed grain with Anolyte resulted in a 58% increase in rice production in the test field.
  • In the cut flower trade the flowers would stay fresh longer by up to 3-4 days.

Finally, specific Anolyte was used to enrich tomato plants with CO2.

The results from this study showed:

  • Increase in plant photosynthesis
  • Increased yields
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved post-harvest quality

IQ ECA Technologies’ systems can be used to produce specific Anolytes that can be used from pre-sow seed treatment for increased production and yield, to post harvest wash treatment for longer shelf life and prevention of spoilage. Moreover, Anolyte can be used to treat the process water and ensure overall biosecurity within the growth environment.