Company Overview

IQ ECA Technologies is a leading provider of Electro Chemical Activation technologies. This is the “Intellectually Protected” combination of electricity, water and salt to produce a completely green, environmentally friendly product. IQ ECA Technologies’ staff has over 50 years of combined resource experience. We are a South African established company formed in 2013 as a subsidiary of IQ Green Solutions, who specialises in the Electro Chemical Activation. IQ ECA Technologies is arguably the leader in the provision of environmentally friendly ECA Solutions. The new company can now boast best-of-breed machinery ( Envirolyte ) and is geared to dominate in the market. IQ ECA Technologies uses advanced patented Electro Chemical Activation technology to generate ECA Solutions (non-chemical-based cleaning and bio security solutions) that are rapid-acting, broad-spectrum antimicrobial with no recorded resistance. All IQ ECA Technologies solutions are non-toxic, non-irritant, odorless and environmentally friendly with no residues. Our products are generated on demand and applied where required to eliminate concerns of procuring, storing and handling of chemical products used to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.