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During the Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) process, two separate solutions are produced from water, salt and electricity. One is an Oxidant (Anolyte) and the other an Anti-Oxidant (Catholyte). These products are manufactured by manipulating the working current strength, velocities of stream of electrochemically treated water and its distribution in anode and cathode chambers.

In conventional electrolysis systems, the chemical reactions only take place at the electrode surface. Here the chemical composition of the electrolyte in direct contact with the anode and cathode will be subject to predictable alterations. In Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) of water, Anolyte and Catholyte solutions are produced separately due to separation of the anode and cathode by a selective permeable membrane.

The Oxidising water (Anolyte) is a broad spectrum microcide; killing bacteria, spores, viruses, algae, fungi and even some protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. No resistance by micro-organisms has to date been reported.

The solution leaves no taint or taste and there are NO safety precautions and accidental over dosage is harmless as the concentrated solution may be consumed. No allergic reactions or eye protection is required. Anolyte is completely safe for the use on food destined for human consumption. It is also effectively used in medical applications.

This solution is used wherever pH is important and wherever the need for effective pathogen control is required. These include applications such as disinfection of raw materials, holding tanks, drinking water and effluent water.

Regime Active FAC (mg/l) pH ORP (mV) Type of generator
Anolyte ~500>700 ~5.5>8.5 ~700>900 Any ELA unit designed and set for generating Anolyte
Active substances Wt/vol % Symbols
Sodium Chloride 0.26% NaCl
Hypochlorous acid
Hypochlorite ion
0.05% HOCl
Water 99.69% H2O

The Anti-oxidant Solution (Catholyte) is a strong alkaline. It is used for surface tension reduction, de-agglomeration and as a detergent in various processes and in medical applications.

Regime Active FAC (mg/l) pH ORP m(V) Type of generator
Catholyte 0 11-13 ~-800>-900 Any ELA unit