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Alkaline antioxidant drinking water

The ECO device is an electrical appliance connected to any water supply that performs the process of electrochemical activation on the source water before it is consumed.ec120

Envirolyte® ECO units are designed for purifying tap water that doesn’t meet the WHO (World Health Organisation) health standards. Not only does it kill all bacteria and viruses in the water within seconds, but also reduces heavy metal content and produces pleasant-tasting potable water, retaining most of its beneficial mineral content.


Inside the ECO device, the water is:

  • Disinfected (oxidised) in the anode-chamber of the electrolyser,
  • The disinfected water is passed through an activated charcoal filter for removing chlorides, toxic metals and phenols
  • The disinfected, filtered water then passes into the cathode-chamber of the electrolyser, where catalytic reduction of the water takes place.

What is produced is a healthy drinking water that tastes as clean and fresh as pure spring water that has a high alkaline pH and a negative redox potential.

Envirolyte® ECO units has undergone technical and independent medical-biological testing, confirming that it destroys even extreme levels of bacteria and viruses in water as well as organic compounds (including phenols), rendering it safe, tasty and drinkable.

ionizedNormal tap water with a pH of 7 is pH neutral and has an ORP (redox potential) of approximately +400mV. Because it has a positive redox potential, it is apt to acquire electrons and oxidise other molecules and therefore has no health benefit other than hydrating the body.

It has long been established that Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS/free radicals) cause damage to the biomolecules and cellular structures in the body. That in turn results in a variety of pathologic states such as diabetes, cancer and aging.

Free radicals are created by many of the metabolic processes in our bodies and can damage cells and DNA, leading to many diseases and cancers. The production of Ionised Alkaline Water occurs inside the electrolysis chamber of specially designed cells. 

The electrolysis process within the cell reduces the water thereby changing the properties of the water:

  • pH is increased due to concentration of alkaline minerals in the ionised alkaline water. pH is typically 9.
  • The produced water has an increased concentration of hydroxyl ions which make the water to carry a negative electrical charge. This also makes it an antioxidant which can aid the body in neutralising free radicals called reactive oxygen species. The typical ORP of Ionised alkaline water is -100 mv.
  • Only Ionised Alkaline Water has smaller water clusters in that there are typically 4-6 molecules per cluster as opposed to bottled water which has 12 -14 molecules per cluster.

 All these factors contribute to the health benefits of this type of water.

drinking-waterIonised alkaline water possesses excellent absorption and hydrating potential, having smaller cluster size and greater concentration of soluble minerals. It reduces over-acidic conditions and increases stabilized oxygen in the human body, contributing to better digestion. Ionised alkaline water is slightly alkaline, has a negative ORP (Oxygen Reduction, redox potential) which makes it an effective antioxidant.

Research of effects of Ionised alkaline water has been carried out since 1950’s. Data has been collected, indicating it is good for arthritis, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhoea, diabetes, heartburn, chronic fatigue, indigestion, high blood pressure, leg cramps, poor circulation, migraines, nausea, obesity, osteoporosis, stress*.

Water purified by ECO units acquires biocidal properties, stimulates biological oxidation, can provide indirect electrochemical detoxification of the human body through oxidation hydroxylation of toxins. Ionised alkaline water can help prevent and lower the risk of developing many of the diseases associated with free radicals in the body.

* Ionised Alkaline water does not replace regular medical treatment, and the above listed uses are not medical advice. No result is guaranteed or predicted.